Bootcamp Security+ 2021

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Curso de ciberseguridad para la certificación de Security+

Temas de este curso

50 Lecciones30h

1. Intro

Introduccion security+00:41:45

1. Comparing Security Roles and Security Controls

2. Explaining Threat Actors and Threat Intelligence?

The first few lessons in the course pursue the general theme of assessment. This lesson covers threat awareness and research. As with most areas of IT, it is vital to keep up to date with the latest news and trends in cybersecurity. Topics: Explain threat actor types and attack vectors. Explain threat intelligence sources.

3.Performing Security Assessments

4.Identifying Social Engineering and Malware

5. Summarizing Basic Cryptographic Concepts

6.Implementing Public Key Infrastructure?

This lesson focuses on the practical side of implementing cryptographic infrastructure. You will be returning to the actual systems that use cryptography (authentication, SSL/TLS, VPN, WPA, and so on) throughout the rest of the course. Topics: Implement certificates and certificate authorities. Implement PKI management.

7.Implementing Authentication Controls?

Continuing the protect function theme, this lesson and the following one cover identity and access management (IAM). This lesson focuses on authentication mechanisms, whereas Lesson 8 covers identity management, account management, and authorization management. Topics: Summarize authentication design concepts. Implement knowledge-based authentication. Implement authentication technologies. Summarize biometrics authentication concepts.

8.Implementing Identity and Account Management Controls?

Implementing Identity and Account Management Controls This lesson collects the objectives and content examples for identity management, privilege/personnel policies, and permissions/access control. Topics: Implement identity and account types. Implement account policies. Implement authorization solutions. Explain the importance of personnel policies.

9.Implementing Secure Network Designs

10. Implementing Network Security Appliances?

Implementing Network Security Appliances

11. Implementing Secure Network Protocols

12.Implementing Host Security Solutions?

Implementing Host Security Solutions

13. Implementing Secure Mobile Solutions?

This lesson follows on from host security by looking specifically at mobile devices. While there are a lot of content examples to cover, this subject area is well-established at A+ level. Topics: Implement mobile device management. Implement secure mobile device connections.

15.Implementing Secure Cloud Solutions

17.Performing Incident Response

19.Summarizing Risk Management Concepts

21.Explaining Physical Security


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